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Mike Cleans Up At The National Fitness Awards 2019

There are not many times in life that I struggle to find the words to start a sentence. So, I’m going to start this one with a thank you. 

I mean that from the bottom of my heart, for the past 5 years I have made it to the National Fitness Awards in the shortlist for “Best Personal Trainer in the U.K.” 

2015 was my first year as a finalist, I looked around like a deer in the headlights… I felt like I’d arrived at the BAFTAs.

The show got underway and I didn’t win on the night, what I didn’t know is that this was going to make me the personal trainer I am today. I was honoured and privileged to have been there but more-so I was hungry to be better. The next 12 months I did everything I could to improve the service to my clients, my skill set and the team I had working around me. Everyone benefitted and I was rewarded for that work by making the shortlist again in 2016, I knew I was better than the year before but I was up against the best of the best. Because I’d been to the awards, I had an idea of what to expect, however this didn’t make the experience any less overwhelming. Myself and the team sat there waiting eagerly to hear the results, again it was the right decision… I came runner up. Somebody was doing a better job than what I was, maybe not to my clients but to theirs. Once again, I reflected and refocused. I knew that I had a little more to give, I could improve a little further in certain areas so that’s exactly what I did. I invested into various training courses for me and my staff, equipment and facilities and I made myself a promise that next time it would be my name that was called as the winner… that’s exactly what happened. Again, myself and the team headed to the Athena in Leicester for what can only be described as the most amazing night in the fitness industry. My name was called out as the winner of the category and I’ll never forget the feeling of pride that gave me, I walked away back into my job the very next day and I no longer had anyone to prove wrong but I had something far greater… I had people to prove right. I wanted to show that being at the top means you have an added responsibility to your role and I had the responsibility to show those who had supported me and given me the award that they had made the right decision. Most of all I wanted to make sure that my members and clients benefitted more than anything else. I decided I was going to do what nobody else had done, I was going to try and retain the title for 2 years running. That year I tested myself, my clients and my team alike. I made promises to people that most thought were unachievable. Another year passed until the big night again, not only did I retain the title for 2 consecutive years, I also was awarded the “Outstanding Achievement” award, it was at this moment we all thought I’d reached a point that couldn’t be maintained. I still had the work to do to keep my promises that I made to my clients, this saw me and my clients featured across national tv, newspapers and media across the world. Surely, I wouldn’t be able to retain the title for a third year? 

Well…. I was going to give it my best shot, I made the shortlist, as did my meal prep company Macro Based Diner, in the “Innovation in Fitness and Nutrition” category, one of my clients also made the “Member Achievement” category, I’ve got to be honest and tell you that this year I’ve felt the nerves more than any other. After appearing on TV and gaining some amazing friends and followers across social media, I knew the public eye was on me. The competition and standards were higher than ever, each and every person was a worthy winner, I was just praying that I had shown enough to be the three-time retaining title holder. So, on Friday November 29th we all headed to the Athena to celebrate an amazing year with the best in the fitness industry. The first category we were shortlisted in was the “Innovation in Fitness and Nutrition” this was a brand-new category so I didn’t know how we would do, but we managed to win. The 1-year old company Macro Based Diner, that I set up to help people understand and to eat a healthy balanced diet, had won the award. Next was my client Dibsy, the guy who lost 20 stone in 358 days… he won that one…. this only left me, if I wasn’t nervous before, I was now, I really didn’t want to be the one who let the side down. 

So, the category arrived, I sat with my head in my hands. When Jenny Pacey and Wayne Gordon asked a sponsor from REPS to announce who had won my name was called…. “and the winner is…. Mike Hind!” I can still hear them words in my head now. I have to be honest and admit that it brought tears to my eyes, I couldn’t believe it. The full table, my team, one by one hugged me and together we walked to the stage. That moment was the pinnacle of my career so far. 

As a conclusion, I have written this blog to show the importance of consistency, hard work and determination. Winners aren’t always born but created. Each time I didn’t win it made me hungrier, but when I reached the top, I never wanted the fairytale to end. I’m just a normal guy who started his dream in 2011 by selling shoes on a car boot sale, but today I have 3 amazing children, an amazing wife and family and quite simply the best team that anyone could ask for, who work alongside me every day. So, take inspiration, because the feeling you get from helping others who have nowhere to turn to become healthier and fitter and then be acknowledged for doing so is worth more than any amount of money.

To the National Fitness Awards, thank you for believing in me, giving me a platform and being instrumental in my role of helping so many other people over the years. To my friends and followers on social media, you guys support everything I do and ask nothing in return, you guys are my third wheel, you keep people motivated with the kind comments, even when I can’t, and for that I will be eternally grateful. My team, you sacrifice your own lives to make other people better, you work day and night and stand side by side with me in everything I do, so these awards are a testament to you as well as me. My clients, you guys put your lives in my hands, you have the strength to trust and believe in me when so many have failed you. You invest your time and money into me and my methods, you guys work so hard to achieve the results you get, as your coach I’m so proud of each and every one of you. You all mean the world to me. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this, if I can ever repay your kindness then I’m always here. 

Mike Hind x