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Mike has been training people for over 12 years, in that time he has been recognised as one of the most respected and renowned coaches in the UK. In 2017 he was crowned the UK best personal trainer in the UK by “National Fitness Awards” and for the fist time in history retained his title for the second year running again in 2018. His work has been broadcast across the globe and he became a household name when he took on “dibsy” the 40 stone guy who mike offered a FREE life saving year long program to save his life.

Mike was also awarded the “Outstanding Achievement award in 2018, his client list includes premiership and international footballers, European champion boxers, professional Bikini Athletes and TV stars, but with this mikes main focus is always on the Public, the people who believed in him all them years ago its them who give mike the most reward for the job he loves.


My Role As A Coach Is To Take Someone Not Where They Want To Be, But To Where They Think Its Impossible To Go

Mike Hind


I spent my life as a child being bullied, i sold shoes on a carboot sale for a job before i plucked the courage to follow my dream and head into the fitness industry, i have been accepted and given the chance to help people change there lives, and for that i will be forever grateful, i will always give back to the industry i love and promise that i will always try and educate and inspire others around me.

I have built a team around me that are amazing, and them guys deserve as much credit as me.


Much love,

Mike Hind